New Clients

Wellness Services

Arden Shoreview Animal Hospital is a full-service animal hospital staffed by skilled, compassionate, and caring individuals. Beyond our wellness examinations, we offer a full range of services, including diagnostics, dentistry, surgery, ophthalmology, allergy and dermatology treatment, cancer care, diet and nutrition counseling, and more.

Whether your pet is a playful puppy or kitten, active adult dog or cat, or a senior pet entering their golden years, we use a personalized approach to high quality pet care based on your pet’s lifestyle and your expectations. At Arden Shoreview Animal Hospital, your pet receives the highest level of care available in a professional and loving environment. “The Best Animal care by People Who Care” is not just our motto, it is who we are.

When you bring your pet to Arden Shoreview Animal Hospital, we work with you to create a lifetime preventive health care plan. This includes a balanced schedule of vaccines to protect your pet against dangerous but preventable diseases, routine dental care, and health care monitoring.  We also provide internal medicine services, nutritional and behavioral counseling, general and orthopedic surgery, diagnostic testing capabilities, and much more. Understanding the benefits of healthy habits, preventive medicine, and regular examinations helps you and your pet lead a long and happy life together.

Flea and Tick Prevention

Fleas and ticks are virtually everywhere. Although they’re a bigger problem in certain parts of the country and at specific times during the year, no cat or dog is completely safe from them. Fortunately, many safe and highly effective products are available. Today, there’s no reason for any pet or owner to be bothered by these pests.

Heartworm Disease

Heartworm disease is a serious, life-threatening disease of dogs and cats. Mosquitoes spread the disease by injecting the parasite into your pet at the time of the bite. After the infected female mosquito bites your pet, the heartworm migrates through the bloodstream and moves to the heart and adjacent blood vessels, maturing to adults within 6-7 months in dogs and 8 months in cats.

Clinical symptoms of heartworm disease develop very slowly. Often symptoms are not noticeable until several years after the initial infection. Lack of energy and exercise intolerance are early symptoms. Coughing and difficulty breathing are both common symptoms. As the disease progresses, most dogs develop congestive heart failure. Dogs often collapse in the final stage of the disease. In cats, the symptoms of heartworm disease are similar to those of feline asthma. Some cats may exhibit no signs of the disease, while others may suddenly die.

Heartworm preventative is extremely important, not only for dogs, but for cats as well. Heartworms are spread by mosquitos, so even our indoor cats can get and spread heartworm disease. The CDC recommends heartworm preventative year-round, so that is the protocol that we follow.

Internal Medicine

Despite the very best preventive care, animals can still become sick. When this happens, it is stressful for both you and your pet, especially because you can’t simply ask your companion what’s wrong. That is why diagnostic resources are important. When your pet is not well, we need to find out what is happening on the inside. Diagnostic testing along with physical examination help us identify the problem so we can develop an effective treatment plan.

Deworming and Fecal Checks

Dangerous parasites are always present in the environment. If brought into your home, these parasites can be passed from your pet to you and your family. We normally associate parasites, such as roundworms, tapeworms, and hookworms, with cats and dogs. Regular fecal checks and deworming are the best way to prevent parasitic disease and the transmission of intestinal parasites to your pet. It also prevents the shedding of parasite eggs, which can contaminate lawns or any place a pet defecates.

Regular Blood Testing

A full chemistry panel and complete blood count identify the presence of underlying disease processes and these tests help create a baseline should your pet become ill between routine examinations. Blood work is also necessary prior to any surgical or anesthetic procedures to ensure your pet’s safety.

Our Partnership with you

Our commitment to you and your pet begins right when your new companion enters your family. Each age and stage of your pet’s life presents different health and behavioral issues that require attention and care. Our team at Arden Shoreview Animal Hospital is proud to provide individualized attention and develop a health care plan for your pet that takes into consideration his/her special needs, lifestyle, breed and home life. We listen to you, the pet owner, and your schedule, routine, needs and family life. By understanding the whole picture, we can better tailor your pet’s health care plan to suit your pet and your lifestyle.

Our goal is to provide you with the finest veterinary care possible “The Best Animal Care by People Who Care” so that you and your beloved companion can enjoy a long, healthy and happy life together. Contact Arden Shoreview Animal Hospital in Arden Hills, Minnesota for more information on our wellness services by calling 651-636-2883 or contacting us online!