Our Mission

The mission of Arden Shoreview Animal Hospital is to continue to be recognized as one of the best animal hospitals providing consistent, high-quality animal care. Our motto is “The Best Animal Care by People Who Care.”

We will achieve our mission by:

  • Consistently providing the highest quality medical and surgical care to our patients.
  • Delivering our professional services and products in an ethical, quality, and caring manner.
  • Employing, developing, and retaining caring and professional employees.
  • Providing our employees the best tools, environment, and resources to deliver quality medicine and services.
  • Maintaining a practice that encourages, rewards, and delivers continuous quality improvement.

Arden Shoreview Animal Hospital opened its doors to our first patients and clients in May of 1985. It was his dream to build a state-of-the-art animal hospital that provided “The Best Animal Care by People Who Care.” He wanted to cater to those clients that want the very best for their pets and to provide that “best care” in a welcoming, friendly, and caring environment. Our entire staff are committed to this philosophy. “The Best Animal Care by People Who Care” is not just our motto, it is who we are. Great veterinary care begins with taking the time to listen to you and answer your questions. When you bring your pet in to see us, we want you to feel confident that your pet is receiving the best care possible. We encourage all of our clients to ask us questions about their pets. We are here to help you and your pet.

We believe that what sets us apart is the original vision that built our hospital.  We strive every day to portray the professionalism, commitment, and standards of care that we know you and your pet deserve. We take pride in how much our amazing clients love their pets!