Hospital Tour


We have a reception area that accommodates one entrance area and one exit area. We find that this really helps keep any unwanted interactions under control.

Exam Rooms

We have three exam rooms.


We are proud to offer an in-house pharmacy where we keep a wide variety of medications on-hand. This allows us to start treatment for your pet sooner. We can thoroughly discuss and demonstrate how to administer their medication during your appointment.


We have the ability to run a number of diagnostic tests in-house. This allows us to quickly diagnose and begin necessary treatments for your pet in a more efficient manner. Our staff is required to stay up-to-date on their continuing education to ensure we are providing you with the best medicine possible.

Dental Suite

Our dental suite is where we perform our dental prophylaxis procedures. This includes ultrasonic scaling, polishing, and full-mouth radiographs on every dental procedure. We have digital dental radiography, which allows us to minimize the amount of time your pet is under anesthesia and gives us a comprehensive evaluation of your pet’s oral status to ​determine if further dental treatments may be necessary.

Surgical Suite

Our surgery suite is fully equipped and our staff is trained to provide the highest quality surgical services for your pet. Surgery can be a scary thing for both owners and patients, which is why we have developed a thorough surgical program to help reduce risk, make your pet and you as comfortable as possible, and to help ensure a healthy recovery.

Treatment Room

Our treatment room allows for further evaluation and treatment of your pet. We perform blood draws, nail trims, anal gland expressions, ear cleanings, etc. ​We take great care to minimize any stress or anxiety your pet may be experiencing.


We are able to perform and read radiographs during your appointment, which may help us to reach a diagnosis in a more timely manner. Our Certified Veterinary Technicians stay with your pet throughout the radiographic process to help them feel as comfortable as possible.

Hospital Kennels

We have separated kennels for our canine and feline patients. We find this helps to decrease anxiety. We provide them with everything they need to keep them as comfortable as possible during their stay.