Oncology & Cancer Treatment

The word cancer strikes fear in all of us; however, with new advances in veterinary medicine, many pets are living longer with a greatly improved quality of life.

Cancer Detection In Pets

Successful cancer treatment often lies in early detection. Early detection can be difficult at times as cancer may not only present itself as a lump on the skin, but may develop inside the body. If this occurs, a thorough examination with diagnostic tests (x-rays, ultrasound) can often discover the tumor. If left undiagnosed, the disease may not be noticed until clinical symptoms develop.

Treatment Of Pet Cancer

Some types of cancer are responsive to chemotherapy, which include a variety of oral and injectable drugs. Dogs and cats tend to tolerate chemotherapy well and do rarely develop side effects similar to humans. Our doctors here at Arden Shoreview Animal Hospital will work with you every step of the way in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer in your pet. This is where a caring medical team makes all the difference.

Oncology & Cancer Treatment For Pets in Arden Hills, MN

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