Dr. Marcia

In 2016, I completed my doctorate in Veterinary medicine in Mexico and relocated to the USA in 2019. I am passionate about this profession as animals have a remarkable ability to bring out the best in people. My life revolves around my family in Mexico, my boyfriend, two dogs, and a commanding cat. Whenever time…

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Dr. Lisa

Veterinarian Dr. Lisa Westgard has been with ASAH since 2003. She is originally from Duluth and spent several summers as a park ranger in Washington state before choosing veterinary medicine as a career. Dr. Westgard appreciates the relationships with our dedicated clients and their amazing pets. She also enjoys running, swimming, and spending time with…

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Dr. Jenny

Veterinarian and Medical Lead Dr. Jenny Mayaka has been with ASAH since 2018. She received her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from the U of M in 1999. Since then, she has worked as a small animal veterinarian in the Twin Cities Metro area. Dr. Mayaka has extensive expertise in veterinary dentistry and general surgery. She…

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