Pet of the Month

Introducing Cash and Carter!!

This may have been our favorite bulletin board to design yet! Cash and Carter (named after Johnny Cash and June Carter) came from a dairy barn, so a farm theme seemed to make sense 😉

C & C’s owner describes the two as entertainers (true to their names!) who are rarely seen without each other. They’re both incredibly affectionate and love to play!

In particular, ASAH would like to point out that if there were an “owner of the year” award, these kitties’ Mom would be in the running. Arriving to their new home, it was found that the little fluff balls had ringworm. For those who haven’t experienced it (and we sincerely hope you never do), this fungal infection is exceptionally challenging to treat. Full recovery takes months of patience with baths, oral and topical medication, lots of follow-up progress appointments and a commitment to a semi-quarantined home life. Through all its ups and downs, Cash and Carter’s Mom took wonderful care of them. They are happy and healthy now, thanks to her!

Congratulations Cash, Carter and Mom…you guys deserve this!

Introducing Scarlet!

Scarlet was adopted from Feline Rescue and has been easygoing and sweet from day one. Sharing her house with a myriad of canine and feline siblings over the years, Scarlet continues to demonstrate her loving and accepting demeanor. She even patiently waits each day for her Mom to administer her insulin to keep her diabetes under control! At 16 years old, Scarlet spends a lot of time sleeping, however still enjoys sun bathing on the porch in the warmer months.

Congratulations Scarlet!

Introducing Dante!

Introducing November and December’s Pet of the Month – Dante!

Dante is a 7-1/2 month old Standard Poodle and a very active puppy.  He loves to play ball, either outside or inside.  He is very smart and quick to learn new commands.  That doesn’t mean he always obeys them! 

He already weighs 48 lbs. and was the biggest in his litter.  He has really big feet and long legs, so we’ll see how much more he grows.  His owners are hoping to try agility training when he is old enough.  

Congratulations Dante on being our Pet of the Month!


Introducing Chillie, Motley, and Timmy!


Chillie was adopted from Almost Home Animal Shelter in Mora where her owner was a volunteer in 2006 at four months old. She has a ticked coat that makes her look like a chinchilla, so she became Chillie for short.  She’s very active and something of a goofball, so her owner jokes that her name should have been Squirrella. Chillie likes treats early in the morning before breakfast, then breakfast, followed by naps on her owner’s bed for much of the day, then dinner and couch time on her owner’s lap in the evening.  Chillie and Motley usually cuddle up and groom each other in the evenings as well. Chillie is definitely a tree cat and loves to leap her way up to high places like the tops of tall cabinets.  She dearly loved her owner’s late husband, and when he sat in his recliner she would sit on his chest smiling and looking around like a queen surveying her kingdom.  She’s the group comedian and keeps everyone laughing at her exploits and silly grin.   



Motley was rescued at 8-9 weeks of age on Labor Day of 2001 as her new owners were driving back from the holiday weekend.  She was sitting abandoned and dejected by the side of the road near the town of Motley, which is how she got her name.  She would cautiously approach her new owner and then run away when she got close, so it took about a half hour for them to catch her. Motley likes to snuggle up to be petted while her owners have some coffee with the morning news, then has breakfast and a long nap in her tiny display-model tent on the sun porch, then more petting followed by evening dinner and extended petting and combing during TV time. Motley has a truly calm, sweet nature.  She is very affectionate and also sure that she’s the queen of the household.  She always comes to greet visitors who almost universally love and pet her too.  She adores being combed and petted for as long as anyone’s time and hands can hold out.


Timmy was adopted from St. Cloud in November of 2013 when a friend’s mom had to move to a nursing home. Timmy was actually called him Tammy up until his first vet visit established his true sex! Morning is playtime, batting about whatever toy or crumpled paper he can find.  Then he puts his cold little nose on his owner’s foot or lower leg to signal it’s time to eat.  After breakfast he likes long naps on the sun porch, then helps his owner watch the evening news and begins nosing her for dinner.  Like the other cats, he likes his evening turn at couch time to sit and be pet. As a latecomer to the family Timmy coexists with the other two cats but is the odd man out of their close friendship.  When his first owner went to the nursing home, he seemed lonely and traumatized for an entire month.  As a result, he became very bonded with his new owner and became totally devoted.  He still waits for her at the door whenever she leaves and frequently follows her around the house just to be close to her.

Introducing Vinny!


 This handsome fella came to his owners from a shelter in Alabama last summer. Aside from flirting with the staff at ASAH, Vinny enjoys patrolling his yard for rabbits and squirrels, napping, walks, and showing his foster brothers and sisters what it takes to be a good dog. He’s even in training to become a therapy dog! Congratulations, Vinny!